Heritage Drive, Lake Wylie, South Carolina

Today we're in Clover, South Carolina to decorate this house in the woods. Look at that sweet porch swing. This is a home that knows how to relax.

I'm super excited about this one, guys. We're going traditional with a hint of lodge.  Here's the entry.

It's very nice. The outside of this house sort of belies the spaciousness inside. Right now all you on-trend color followers are getting out your white and gray paints. Stop. Back away from the paintbrush. I'll have you convinced by the end of this post. 

Ok, so I used a paintbrush on this photo. (Benjamin Moore's virtual paint tool- you gotta try it.) I just wanted to show you how beautifully this design, I believe by Pottery Barn, would work with our existing dark door and wainscoting. 

Here is the living room. Let's cozy this bowling alley up.

As you might imagine, I found a lot of inspiration for this room, but I kept coming back to this design from Locati Architects, even though the room is configured a little differently.  Remember I wanted traditional with a hint of lodge, and this room has that. As in the entry, the colors are soft, and everything has a timeless feel.

I especially like those open back chairs, something eye-catching as you enter the room. They're traditional, but with a modern shape and finish, and that gives this room a little punch.  I also like this furniture arrangement- it's cozy, pulled up to the fireplace, rather than flat along the walls. 

On to the dining room:

Nice space, right? Just needs a bigger table and some more furniture. 

Again, there were a few contenders, but this design by Linda McDougald won me over. Those chairs!  I'd say they're traditional with a hint of lodge.  (I totally have a thing for chairs. I had to talk myself out of buying a white and gray zebra striped chair recently. Gorgeous, but impractical, unlike these patterned chairs.) 

I wish we could see more of this room. We know it's got the soft colors of the rest of the house. Let's imagine a hutch for the other side of the room.

Why hello there, Ralph Lauren Alpine Lodge Provinciale Commode. You're a pricey fellow, but we'll ignore that and concentrate on your gorgeous shape and finish. You'll play nicely in our dining room.  A platinum finished mirror would also look great, especially with the place setting above. And look, we even have our lodge-y antlers and old bee skep. 

Let's continue our tour upstairs. It's pretty neat up there, too.

Here in the hallway are built in bookcases. 

Let's style them to look like this:

Hold on a second. The balusters on the stairs are bothering me because they need to be in a darker finish. They need a straighter design, and also to lose the knob on top of the newel post- maybe something like this, but in a darker finish to match the entry wainscoting.

Ok, I feel better now. On to the master bedroom:

And here's what we could do:

This room from Country Living Magazine is my most frequently re-pinned Pin.  Block print bedding is popular right now, and Ballard Designs has a lovely collection. Just that, an old painted chest and an iron chandelier would recreate the feel of this room nicely. Traditional with a hint of lodge and soft colors. Are you digging it?

This house is pretty neat. It has a lot of potential. My Pinning fingers were pretty busy with this one. Coming up, a Springfield house from 1750-- that narrows down the location a tiny bit for you,  I guess. 
Thanks for reading!

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