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Upham-Wright House, Granville Street, Newark, Ohio

When she was a little girl, Mary Sherwood Wright Jones (1892-1985) would ride horses with her grandmother around the fairytale-like grounds surrounding their Gothic Revival cottage in Newark, Ohio. "Listen to the guinea hens," her grandmother told her. "It sounds like they're saying your name, 'MaryWright, MaryWright.'" Mary always remembered that, and when she grew up to become a well-known artist, she would often include a little guinea hen as part of her signature. And, if you were a schoolkid between 1928 and 1960, you might have noticed it. { source } Mary became best known as an illustrator for My Weekly Reader , a classroom magazine that later became Scholastic News . Among other projects, she also illustrated Home Arts Needlecraft Magazine and children's books about geography and history. { source , source } In 1913 she enrolled in New York's Parsons School of Design, and when she eventually returned to Newark to raise a family, she came

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