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House Updates 9 -- Mark Island Lightkeeper's House, Winter Harbor, Maine

  The rumor was true. Mark Island Lightkeeper's house in Winter Harbor, Maine is owned by designer William Sofield . When I wrote about the house last July I couldn't find anything to confirm it. Now I've got the pictures. It's in this month's Architectural Digest (which, as we've noticed before , means that he's going to try to sell it again). Not many people decorate with a vintage pin the tail on the donkey game. That's what tipped me off that it was the house I had written about. Relatedly, the magazine article shows more of the eclectic decor than the real estate listing did. Even better, the story gives us the names of the rooms. That all white wall sculpture above is in the summer kitchen. The desk is in the map room. The apples are in the sunroom. The house had no running water or electricity. Sofield said that they lived like survivalists until he installed a propane refrigerator and solar panels to run it off the grid. He also added the 1930&

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