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Buist Avenue, Greenville, South Carolina

  As if I didn't have enough house envy from Zillow, along comes the Magnolia Network show In With the Old  featuring all kinds of nifty places. Better yet, the episodes are restoration stories, meaning someone "uncovers the truth behind a historic building and transforms it into a stunning modern home." In season 2, episode 3, that someone is named Kym Petrie , and she tackles this 1943 Cape Cod style home in Greenville, South Carolina. While this episode doesn't really uncover a lot of truth -- no hidden treasures or secret passages here -- it does indeed show the transformation of a house slated for demolition into a stunning modern home. Here's where it started, uninhabited for fifteen years, with overgrown landscaping, a deteriorating roof, and plenty of peeling paint. Here's what it looks like now, all spiffed up with an on-trend black paint job that showcases the vivid new landscaping: The filming for the episode must have joined Kym mid-progress, becau

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