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Ding Dong House, Washington Springs Road, Palisades, New York

From Chip Chop to Ding Dong. After looking at Diane Sawyer's Vineyard Haven house Chip Chop last week, I got to thinking, "I bet her other houses have been just as cool." And I was right. Trust a journalist to live in a house with a good story. Remember that Chip Chop was built for actress Katherine Cornell? Turns out that Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols wanted to own another one of her houses, too. They must have really liked her style. This one is called Peter Rock , after her father Peter, and the rocky terrain where it was built in 1951. It overlooks the Hudson River in Palisades, New York, and was also designed by Chip Chop's architect, Eric Gugler. { source } Sawyer and Nichols tried to buy it at a bankruptcy auction of the estate of Isley Brother Rudolph Isley in 1989. They were outbid by actor Bill Murray (which explains the Chicago Cubs logo in the swimming pool). Not surprisingly, there are very few photos of the house online. I did find the view from the ter

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