Fiore Bella, Las Vegas, Nevada part 2

Today I'm back with more from the house in Las Vegas. Check out the family room.

Nice, but the off-center fireplace makes decorating a little tricky. Also, there's no mantel, which is ok, but I think the firebox itself looks a little dinky and too off-centered without one. Ok, now let's furnish this puppy.

I like this design by CWB architects for a few reasons. The mantel makes the whole off-center thing more of a deliberate statement. I've also seen variations where the mantel could continue across the wall as a shelf, but I like this very clean and simple look. Also, the large armoire/cabinet balances the weight of the fireplace. Now, I'm no dummy- I know someone's going to put their flat screen tv there instead of an armoire, but hopefully they'll ground it with a nice chunky buffet type cabinet. Last, the chair with the open sides is perfect next to the fireplace in terms of style, but also it's very light, visually, in a potentially crowded walkway area.

Up next, the kitchen. The family room is open to the kitchen, which looks like this:
Nice enough, but pretty basic. Instead, let's do this:

Oh, yeah. This is Anita Calderone's kitchen. Perfect for this kitchen because the blue-gray tile balances the family room paint color, and the beautiful reclaimed wood island nicely matches the tones of the fireplace.   

One more space to decorate. The master bathroom looks like this:

Again, pretty basic, but the tub surround looks like a pretty tile. First, puh-lease change the light bar strips to sconces. 320 Sycamore did a helpful post on affordable bathroom sconces recently, here.
Then, I would paint the cabinets a pretty gray to coordinate with the tub, but mainly, I would add hardware to them, like this:

Pretty, huh? This is by Dayna Katlin. Ok, that leaves the glass block window and the niche to address. Some people don't have a problem with glass block- myself, I would cover it until I could replace it. A bamboo shade would work fine, but look what I found on Pinterest.

Kinda wild. They're photo-transfer aluminum shades by Creation Baumann. I just liked how they picked up the metal of the cabinet hardware. Now, as for that darn niche, I thought of Thrifty Decor Chick and her awesome wood planked wall. Let's balance the wood of the cabinets and panel that sucker! Pinterest, do you agree?

Pinterest agrees. I say you either panel the inside of the niche, or you just panel right over it, but what you don't do is stick a wall words decal in there. I don't want to read "Live, Laugh, Love" while I'm sitting in the bathtub. Lastly, if paneling is just too much work for now, then you can put one decorative item in that niche, but it has to be big.

Fill it up like Pamela Pierce would. Love that the topiary is a little off-center. Just noticed the little paneled door over what is probably another niche. See? I told you it would look good.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for our tour of many Springfields….

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