Fiore Bella, Las Vegas, Nevada

Hello! Welcome to my blog!  I like to browse real estate sites and imagine how I would decorate the rooms.  I also have a giant folder of design inspiration from magazines, and of course, from Pinterest.  So I thought, why not combine the two, and make my hobby complete?

So let's have some fun! First up is Fiore Bella, a newer built house in Las Vegas.  Here's the dining room, as shown on the real estate site:

I like that accent wall. It seems like they're making a comeback, which is cool when they look like this. Anyway, it reminded me of this room from Sarah 101. The room looks small, and open to other spaces, so Sarah's solution is perfect. There's already a statement light fixture in place.

The table and chairs could be replicated with Ikea models, and for the banquette, I'd probably look at World Market (no, I'm not affiliated with them, I just know they have great banquettes).  The Oyster Harper Banquette would be pretty against that gray-blue wall.

So, I like the furniture layout and colors. What else could we do? How about this?

I wish I knew who to credit for this. It's very contemporary, but I like the rectangular table in the space. I love how a few statement pieces can carry a whole room- in this case, the light fixture and the pop of yellow on the chairs. 

Like this? Stay tuned for more rooms from this inspiring house and others. (Don't worry if contemporary is not your thing- I'll show a wide variety of styles and designers.) Thanks for reading!

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