George Washington Memorial Highway, Hayes, Virginia

Happy President's Day! If you read the post title, you may be wondering what Hayes has to do with President's Day. The day was officially declared a federal holiday by President Hayes in 1879. (See, this blog isn't just about pretty pictures. You learned something today.) Ok, too weak a connection for you? Well, this particular house just happens to be on George Washington Memorial Highway in Hayes, Virginia. It was built in 1944, and yes, sometimes I just get lucky with my house searches.

Let's take a peek inside.

My first thought for the foyer was this, designed by Barbara Westbrook. 

I thought initially I would go in a traditional, almost Colonial direction for the interiors, but the rest of the house seems so light and airy, almost delicate. It sent me in a different direction-- Cottage Coastal.  See what you think as we keep touring. 

I really wanted a mirror in the foyer, something light and fresh. 

Please excuse the quality of this picture. I had to piece it together from different sources. This is the fantastic Atoll mirror from Ballard Designs.  (I wish I had an affiliation to them!) 

From the foyer, let's check out the living room.

The entry to the room reminded me of an oldie but goodie design by Linda Banks. Yep, Cottage Coastal.

Here's the room as you step inside.

And here's what we could do:

Oh, so pretty! This design is by Lynn Morgan.  If you pay attention to stuff like this, you'll notice that the scallops on the slipper chairs echo the scallops on the entry mirror. Cute, huh? I love that kind of thing.

I think this must be the dining room.

Very nice, but then I saw this picture on, and thought, "Wow!"

Adding a transom window to the french doors would open the space even more, and play up all the nice architecture already in place. 

As for the dining room design, I checked out what Linda Banks has been up to lately, and found this. 

Yep, she knows Cottage Coastal. What a pretty way to continue the greens, blues, and whites between rooms. The house currently doesn't have white wainscoting, but you know, as long as you're adding the transom window….

Let's peek upstairs. 

This is a four bedroom house, so let's say we turn this one into a sitting room.

This room is designed by Tracey Rapisardi and features Maine Cottages' Mason Chairs. (No affiliation.) The sliding doors on a barn track are so popular right now, and I have yet to see a space where they don't look fantastic. This house already has pretty architecture and doesn't need them, so for now we'll just take those cutie chairs, pillows in the background, and side table. 

Sleepy from all of this touring/decorating? This looks like a restful spot.

I like everything about this design by Leah Muller. She's a new-to-me designer, and I'm eager to see more of her projects. Even without that wonderful ceiling, this room is beautiful and serene.

Gosh, this house just makes my heart go pitty-pat. We'll linger here and then we'll wander up north and check out Springfield, Virginia. In the meantime, we can enjoy a little Pinspiration. Thanks for stopping by!

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