Webster Pass, Springfield, New Hampshire

Today's home is a 1910 lake home in Springfield, New Hampshire. In support (I think) of my brand-new blog, my family suggested I find and decorate homes from every city in the U.S. named Springfield. There are 35 Springfields!

This post will write itself. Just look at this porch. 

It'll be a sleeping porch now, inspired by designer Craig Kettles.

"Wait," you're thinking. "That looks cute, but do you expect Granny to just perch on one of those when she comes to visit?"

No, I don't. Because Granny can perch on the 2ND porch of this home.  (I feel like a The Price is Right announcer.)

It's already nice, but we're going for the full lake house treatment here, and Craig Kettles offers much in the way of lake house porch inspiration. 

This has a much more rustic feel, and it seems more in keeping with the outdoorsy appeal of the house. It would be fairly easy (and fun!) to find second-hand furniture like this. Granny could perch here, and we'll say that there's a card table at the other end of the porch, with a pitcher of lemonade nearby.

Next up, the cozy family room.

Wonderful beams and window trim, and nice wide hardwood floors. My inspiration for this room comes from this lovely room by designer Barbara Westbrook. 

I'm primarily using this for furniture placement inspiration, but gosh, I'd take this whole room in a heartbeat. The colors and textures work so well. It has a nice lake house vibe, to boot. I don't know why, but I've had spool chairs/bobbin chairs like those shown on the left on my mind lately. After a quick search, I found some budget friendly options. The first is from Z Gallerie (I have no affiliation with them, but hey, Z Gallerie, call me maybe?)
I come in other colors, too!

This second option is from Frontgate, again, I have no affiliation.

Stylish. It reminds me a little of these chairs I saw on Chinoiserie Chic.

Ok, back to the lake house. Guest bedroom. 

I'm going to guess that the paneled walls are real wood.  Again, Craig Kettles to the rescue.

I've said before how a few perfect pieces can really carry a room (and take the pressure off the rest of the decor). They can serve as inspiration pieces for the whole look, too. In this case, it's the bed. All the finishes in the room are cohesive, but it still looks casual, and not too planned out, like a 1910 lake house bedroom should look. 

Ok, one last room- another guest room. 

A little more work, but build out the existing window seats to make twin beds- something like this, of course, from Craig Kettles.

Ok, that was fun. What an inspiring house. Next up, a house I picked out just for Valentine's Day!

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