Cherry Lane, Huntington, New York

Today let's take a stroll down Cherry Lane to this updated and spacious ranch style home in Huntington, New York.

It was built in 1975, but that's a distant memory for this entry and living room now.

Ok, first things first. The wall color is warm and rich, however it's just too close to the floor color, and it's everywhere!  It makes the wainscoting look a little too bright and jarring. Yay! That gives me an excuse to play with my buddy, Benjamin Moore.

I'm not saying the walls should be gray, necessarily, in fact, I think gray's had its turn in the spotlight long enough. (If you're curious, the foyer color is Coachman's Cape, and the living room is Castle Gate.) I like how sticking with different colors from one paint card makes the rooms feel connected, but  gives each its own personality. 

Here are shades of blue, just for fun.

Foyer is Fair Isle Blue and living room is Stained Glass.

On to the decorating!

This design by James Radin is for the entry wall. A long cabinet for the long wall, and a very clean-lined look overall. 

James worked on the sets for the movie Something's Gotta Give, and you can get a sense of that from our living room inspiration, below.

See why I went with the blues? But, notice that the color above the wainscoting is similar to the existing color? That striking piece of art will let us go whichever way we prefer.

Here's the existing living room, just for reference. 

The dining room is open to the living room.

I chose this design by James Radin because of how well it coordinates with the other rooms.

I like how his designs are pulled together, but they're not fancy. They're livable and easy to pull inspiration from, which is why his movie sets are so popular. (Can you just picture that Fair Isle Blue on the walls in here? That awesome chandelier would totally pop against it.)

We'll wrap things up in the kitchen today. It's very nice and updated, but the wall color isn't doing it any favors.

Here's a little trick I learned from my sister. Paint the walls dark brown to really get a finished look.

This is a nice grayish brown called Cafe Dopplo. 

No, wait, I can't wrap up things here. Not when James Radin has the perfect bedroom inspiration for us. That would just be selfish.



There. I feel better. Granted, that showstopper bed might be expensive to duplicate, but all of the other elements are certainly achievable, and pretty!  I'm digging that throw on the bed.

Did you enjoy this stroll down Cherry Lane? I sure did. Coming soon, some fresh botanicals, and then a little tip o' the hat to St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for reading!

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