Lodge Road, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I've found a manor house in Coleraine in Northern Ireland that's just waiting for a little color and some pretty florals.

Let's check out the living room.

Very nice. I didn't have to look very far for decorating inspiration-- just around the corner at "Laneside House".

Isn't that mirror perfect over the mantel? I like how the arch echoes the arch of the firebox.

Maybe we want a little more designer panache?

This is Nicky Haslam's garden room. I like the cabinetry surrounding the french doors, and the warm yellow and green will go well with our dining room.


And after, featuring Colefax and Fowler fabrics.

There's just something about that shape of mirror for the mantels in this house, and the florals look so pretty with the sunlight streaming in from the garden.

On to the kitchen.

We just need to bring in an Aga stove for the niche, and some of our yellows and greens from the other rooms, to warm it up.

Check out this pretty pink bedroom.

It's already quite charming. Let's just add a white iron bed and some florals in here.

Ahh. Sitting there would make you feel like a princess, even if you were just putting on your running shoes.

This garden home can be found here.  Lots of pins with happy colors can be found here.

Coming up, the story of a cozy little house in Pennsylvania. Thanks for reading!

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