Cordes Road, Delton, Michigan

Today we're visiting an A-frame house near Wall Lake in Delton, Michigan.  As you know, I like a challenge, plus, it reminded me of this blast from the past:

Don't worry- this isn't where we'll get decorating inspiration.  Instead, let's turn to Amy Butler.

An A-frame house is often a second home or vacation house. That gives us a good excuse to think outside of the box (rather literally) and have a little fun. Although Amy's house isn't an A-frame, the furniture layout and style work for us. For reference, here is the actual living and dining space. 

I do like the pine ceiling, but it would feel a little lighter and less dominant painted white, since it comes down so far into the room. Then, running the Amy Butler wallpaper under the wall boards will still give us great graphic impact. 

The kitchen already has nice graphic impact, it just needs a few tweaks.

See how the woodgrain of the cabinets seems to compete with the backsplash, rather than compliment it? Let's imagine some cabinet re-surfacing or painting options.



or Ebony?

What's your preference? Each would look good with the tile, and I think those long chrome drawer pulls are a must, no matter which color we choose.

Here's one of the bedrooms that is just waiting for a little graphic impact.

Again, let's paint the ceiling white to open up the space.

This design was featured in At Home in Arkansas, and I love how airy it is. That glimpse of chandelier is intriguing me. Let's just add a little bit of fun to the room with Amy Butler fabric. 

Well, I guess I did draw some inspiration from Fisher-Price's happy colors, but at least there's no banana yellow bunk beds. 

Hmm, I seem to be posting a lot of vacation homes lately. I guess I've got Spring Break on my radar, although that won't happen here for a few more weeks. At least we always have pretty pictures and awesome houses to daydream about!
Thanks for reading!

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