Goodwin Lane, Orr's Island, Maine

Hello! I think for this post, all I have to do is show that picture above and call it a day! I can't do that when the inside promises to be as charming as the outside, though. This 1946 home is off the coast of Maine on Orr's Island. (Hi Judi!)

It has a spiffy kitchen, opening to a family room. It just needs a little personality.

This will be our inspiration, from Better Homes and Gardens.  The previous barstools are nice, but a little pop of blue would brighten the kitchen, and give us a launching point for the family room. 

Here's another before view of the kitchen, but this time I extended the blue to frame the window.

The color is Daydream, appropriately enough, by Benjamin Moore. It's a nice way to pull the color through the space. Wouldn't it also be fun to use that cabinet for display, and add cushioned seating next to it, as they did above? It would give you another place to perch for breakfast.

It's time to play "what's on the other side of the room?" I enjoyed finding a chair to coordinate with our inspiration photo.

This design is by Amanda Nisbet. I would never manage to keep the pillow so perfectly aligned with the stripes, but we could just pop it onto the couch and admire how coordinated our design is.  That artwork looks like a fun sea-glass inspired DIY project.

The office has a nice window seat.

Of course, I couldn't resist playing with it.

This is by Tiek Built Homes. 

Moving on, the house has a cute dining area on the porch.

Any guesses what I would do? Yep, add some of that blue from the other rooms.

I actually like the original light fixture better--this one is pretty, but a little over-scaled. After all, you don't want to detract from that view out the windows! 

The listing doesn't show any of the bathrooms, but I imagine one would look something like this:

Love that blue ceiling and checked shade, by Austin Patterson Disston Architects. 

Here is one of the bedrooms:

They all look a little on the cozy side, so let's just open this one up with a lot of white.

Wouldn't this be a crisp way to showcase that wonderful ocean view? 

A house like this looks nice and timeless with mostly white interiors and just small touches of color to reference its surroundings. Hmm, makes me think how pretty the white would be with a little bit of green, inspired by the pine trees.  Expect to see a little green next post-- after all, it's a good month for it! Thanks for reading!

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