US Highway 385, Hot Springs, South Dakota

Hello! Put on your boots today, partners, it's time to work on this 12 acre ranch. This is another Springfield challenge. And it was a challenge, in that Springfield, South Dakota real estate offers mighty slim pickings.  The other side of the state in Hot Springs, however, offers some scalding deals. (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.)

This room is what attracted me to this particular house:

It instantly reminded me of Southern Living design editor Steele Marcoux's home, with that green sofa. (Gotta love Pinterest-- I found it in seconds, just by searching "sofa with green bolster".)

I like how she used the sofa and console table to create an entry space. Look at all the textures she used, too. What a great way to add interest to a room without a lot of architectural detail. 

Here's the other side of the room.

Let's assume that we've added central air, so the wall unit is no longer an issue. We could build a mantel/bookcase combination, as designer Jennifer Worts has done. The depth of space beside the fireplace is perfect for a bookcase to be flush with it. 

Look how well Jennifer's design coordinates with Steele's. The brown lampshade compliments Steele's brown curtains, as do the pillows to Steele's bolster. They even chose very similar coffee tables. 
I like the orb light fixture for this space. Mostly the room is about furniture placement, but I think the orb chandelier and round mirror are key players in updating our space. (Can you tell I prefer orb lights to overscaled lanterns? Less dusting.)

Here's a little peek at the kitchen. 

It's a nice space, but could stand a little updating. This layout by Mahoney Architecture is very similar, and gives an idea of how paint, lighting, and removing the upper cabinet by the breakfast room could really  brighten things up. 

Finally, here's a bedroom in need of some attention:

Let's bring in a little of that green from the living room.

I like this design by Morgan Harrison Home because it seems very budget-friendly. The pops of green add some personality to a plain room, and are easy to find, or to DIY. All it needs to be right in style for today is a sunburst mirror over the bed. 

This is the Suzanne Kasler Sunburst Mirror #4 (yes, there are multiple sunbursts) from Ballard Designs.

You know what, hold that thought. I think I like this mirror a little better.

This is the Minogue Wall Mirror from Kirklands. This seems a little less trendy than the sunburst shape, and picks up on the trellis motif on the pillows. 

I've said before how just a few statement pieces can really carry a room. I also like how they can draw attention away from areas in a room that maybe aren't as pretty. Now this house is as fresh and green as the hills around it. 

Coming up, playing with color in a house where the colors and design are drawn from the artwork.
Stay tuned!

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