Marshall Avenue, Marshall, Michigan

Good morning! Today we're visiting an elegant home on Marshall Avenue in Marshall, Michigan. (Thinking of you, Diane!) If you read my last post (and shame on you if you didn't), you may be wondering what this historic 1890's home and Will Smith actually do have in common.

The answer is living room columns.

When I saw this living room, I wondered just how to decorate around those columns. Will Smith's home offered a possible solution. 

Ah, yes, a console, lamps, and a tall mirror might work. I also like that the columns are the same color as the wall- nice for a more contemporary home.  (I don't like the disembodied hand that wants to reach out & pinch me, or the antler chair that would make a mark, literally, but I digress…. )

Hmm, it's pretty, but just not elegant enough for us, I think. 

Now we're getting somewhere. We wouldn't even have to paint or change the carpet with this. I wish I could credit this photo.  Those crystal console lamps really hold their own against those columns. I like that because it adds some balance and makes the columns seem more an intentional part of the design, rather than "we decided to class up the joint by sticking some columns on this wall".

Ok, if you liked that, then let's up the ante a little, and go for a little more wow.

Again, tall crystal lamps, but we also added the tallest mirror we could fit, and a chandelier worthy of reflection. Stick with me here- I chose this because it echoes the inspiration for the rest of the room:

Unfortunately I don't know who designed this room, either, but boy, they knew what they were doing, didn't they? The drapes, the chair fabric, and that great door transom are nice details. 

Here's the fireplace wall from the listing, so you can see how it would work. I like the idea of substituting the mantel for a grand limestone version. 

Let's check out the kitchen. 

It's pretty, isn't it? Carrera marble counters & travertine floors. I wouldn't change a thing. It includes this large banquette area.

Here's just a little tweak courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens, to tie it in better with our design.

Dark gray cushions and a gallery wall with black & white photos would look sharp across from that pretty marble. 

Ok, last up, the laundry room. 

Nice floor- travertine again, I think, and that looks like a tin ceiling. So how do you make a laundry room a little more elegant and pretty?

You take inspiration from what may be the most popular laundry room pin on Pinterest, this pretty space featured in House and Home Magazine. Yep, our cabinets need painted and hardware added, and that would tone them down a little. I think that fresh wall color and striped rug would certainly perk up our space. (And flowers! If you can't have lanterns cheer up your laundry room, flowers would definitely do it.)

Marshall has no shortage of inspiring houses like this one. For our next house, we'll bring a little outside color to the inside. Hmm, kind of like this pretty laundry room did….
Thanks for reading!

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