Meadow View Drive, Phoenix, Oregon

Today we're bringing a little of France to sunny Phoenix.  Phoenix, Oregon, that is.  April Fool!
Let's kick it off in grand style with Better Homes and Gardens.

Now this is decor worthy of that window. 
I'm not sure why the listing featured the entry closet, but since it's part of the living room, I'm going to French countrify it, with a little help from Disc Interiors.

Et voilà! C'est bon, no? (Don't worry, that's all the French I can attempt.)

Here is another corner of the room, with a pair of fauteuil chairs, weathered blue chest and mirrors, by Charles Faudree.

The kitchen is a nice blank slate just waiting for us.

I want to add a little French country to it, without changing it too much or going too theme-y. 

No, I'm not going to change it this much, but I like how this kitchen by Liedssen Kitchens is very simple, but still feels very European. There's not even a rooster in sight!

To make our kitchen feel more French Country, I just added paint, tile behind the stove, and glass cabinet doors. I also would replace the pot lights with hanging pendants, like the inspiration kitchen, but my photoshop skills aren't quite that good. 

If you're curious, the island is Benjamin Moore's Rooftop Garden & walls are Dusty Miller.

Here are our barstools, the Constance barstool by Ballard Designs, because here is the rest of our kitchen.

This is the Blair kitchen collection from Ballard, and seems like a good spot to wrap up this post, over one of those wonderful fruity drinks, above. 

Did you enjoy this Phoenix, Oregon April Fool mix-up? This might be a good week for little place name surprises like that. Gotta keep you guys on your toes! Thanks for reading!

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