Rolling Road, Springfield, Pennsylvania

Good morning! Today we'll go from a story about a house to a storybook house. Smooth segue, huh? This house is not only charming, but it lets me check another Springfield off my list. Springfield #7 is in Pennsylvania.

Looks like a cozy living room. Let's make it a little more enchanted.

Designer Thomas Jayne really pays attention to the whole picture of a room and how everything relates  to each other. You could spend a lot of time in this room and still find new details. (I probably should have saved this room for a fall post, but that's too far away. I'm an instant gratification type of would-be decorator.) 

The house has a sweet dining room with built-in cabinets.

Yay for me, because I've been wanting to show something by designer Betsy Speert, and now's my chance. Her work makes up a significant amount of the magazine pictures I've saved over the years. She also writes an informative and funny blog that's definitely worth a visit. 

I'd say this qualifies as a storybook dining room, wouldn't you? It has such a nice golden glow, and the same colors and natural feel as the living room. 

The other side of the room is also cute.

I'm not sure why they didn't extend the radiator covers to make a window seat. I mean, come on, what's a storybook house without a window seat?

This gives us an idea of how it would work with our round table. We'd probably remove that chair in front of it, though. Because I can't leave well enough alone, here's a gratuitous window seat picture.

I just really wanted to include this because of the gingham bench cover and cute pillows, and because it belongs to another clever blogger, Delores of Vignette Design.

I know I can get long-winded, but we can't leave without seeing some storybook bedrooms.

Here's one for the kids, via House and Home:

(Still has the colors and nod to nature- check out the bedside table!)

And one for the adults, via Country Living:

Get this- this bedroom really belongs to a storybook author! This is Lane Smith's home.

What a sweet retreat. I'd curl up in any of these rooms with a good book and be perfectly happy.

As usual, I found more inspiration than one post could hold. Check out my related Pinterest board. Thanks for stopping by!

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