Sunset Drive, Julian, California

Hello! If you found my blog through Hooked on Houses, welcome! Isn't Julia awesome?  Her blog has been a favorite of mine for a long time.

Come on along to explore a mountain home today, in Julian, California. 

The first step is lightening up this room and referencing our surroundings a little, as in this photo by Sandbox Studio.

Why did I choose this? Because this house also has this living room:

Which could look like this, inspired by Muskoka Living Interiors:

Since we don't have a fireplace in this room, we could have the entire wall unit be cabinetry, as they have here, featured by Better Homes and Gardens.

In either case, the furniture arrangement works well in our room, and actually either style would be appropriate for a mountain home.  Light or dark? Don't you love it when I give you options? I'm not always bossy pick the first one. 

A mountain home also means natural stone and wood finishes in the bathroom. It just does. Here's our before:

Here's our after:

Pretty sleek, huh? I didn't even have to photoshop in the view. This mountain retreat has one bath, so I say, let's do it up right.

The listing doesn't show any bedrooms, so let's just imagine one. House Beautiful, what do you have for us?

Nice. It even includes some trendy antlers that definitely reference our surroundings.

I think I could retreat here quite easily, how about you? 

Thanks for stopping by!

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