Woodlawn Avenue, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Once upon a time there was a little house named Woodlawn that had a wood paneled living room.

The little house didn't know how to decorate itself, so it took inspiration from Judy Cook Interiors.

"Hmm," said the little house. "I like how the white couches and white lanterns help balance my white fireplace, but my back wall looks awfully plain."

Don't worry little house. You just need some more color.  How about Thayer Green?

Or a nice Seersucker Suit?

"I love my new painted ceiling!" said the little house. "Now what about my dining room?"

No worries there. Better Homes and Gardens will spiff you up right away. 

(Sorry BHG, but I gotta flip your light and dark here. Imagine the wainscoting is pine planks now.)

Now the little house needs its bathroom freshened up.

Look out, bathroom.  I'm afraid we're going to have to plank and sconce you.  

Thanks Julia at Hooked on Houses! You featured some great inspiration. Now our bathroom goes with the rest of our house and is happy.

"Before you go," said the little house, "I'd really appreciate some pine planking upstairs."

No problem, little house. Pinterest has your back, or rather, your walls and floors.

These walls look like reclaimed boards, but we could get the same effect with a sander and our leftover paint colors from downstairs.

"I love it!" sighed the little house. "Now I'm the happiest little house indeed."

The End.

UPDATE: This house went back on the market in 2020. Click here to see what it looks like now.

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