Edgewood Drive, Georgetown, Texas

Hello! I have a treat for us today. We're looking at a house that is still being built in Georgetown, Texas, so we're going to swoop in there and personalize it while we have the chance.

The house features this 2 story living room with a corner fireplace.

While we've got the scaffolding up, we're going to stop the decorative niche in progress. Looks like it has a decorative tile artwork center, which is nice, but too restrictive from a design standpoint.

Here's what Alice Lane Home did in a similar room:

Isn't this pretty? If we weren't able to prevent the niche in time, (nick of time?) at least that striking artwork would cover it. The chunky mantel also helps bring down the scale of the room.

Here's the kitchen in progress:

This kitchen, by a builder in Washington, gives us a pretty good idea where the room is going. 

Once again, we're going to play "Pick Your Kitchen" and I'll give you 3 choices. The pretty Tuscan kitchen above is #1.

This white kitchen is #2. It's very similar to Brooke Giannetti's Santa Monica house, except her pantry door was custom finished to look like old pine. I'm just saying. Don't let that sway your vote, even though it should.

Here's #3, with a lovely gray finish, similar to Sally Wheat's kitchen that I showed before. Again, don't let my name-dropping influence you.

All three will go well with the island's stone surround, but I have to say, I like that #2 and #3's cabinets are level at the top, and don't have room for knickknacks on them. It's just a cleaner overall look.

Let's pop upstairs. I have one more issue to address while the house is still being built. Can you guess what it is?

Yep, it's the vanity. Let's stretch it a little to fill the space it's in, like this one, featured by Better Homes and Gardens.

Ah, that's better.  Now, what to do with the bedroom?

Once again, let's turn to Alice Lane Home. They know what they're doing in new houses like this.

There we go. We slipped in and put our two cents in before the paint was even dry on the walls.
As always, feel free to check out my related Pinterest board for more possibilities for this house and others. Thanks for reading!

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