Fernwood Avenue, Cinnaminson, New Jersey

Hello! Today finds us in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, in a brand new house just waiting for a little sparkle. (Hmm, I'm searching cities named Sugar Hill and Cinnaminson. I'll probably end up in Hershey, Pennsylvania next, at this rate.)

This house has a nice and bright two-story entry.

My favorite way to deal with two story rooms is to delineate a line where the walls stop, and the rest of the wall is considered ceiling. That gives the room a more human scale, and makes it easier to decorate, to boot! 

As promised, here's our sparkle. This tall mirror would give us that reference line we need, and also really ground the space. I like this sleek design by McGill Design Group- it's very simple, but polished. I'd also like to copy their stair treatment and wall moldings, but since our carpet is probably brand new, I'd settle for just refinishing the railings in the same tone as the inspiration mirror.

The listing doesn't show the living room, but the house also has this nice family room, opening off of the kitchen.

I like this pretty design by Suzanne Kasler for this space.

This furniture arrangement is perfect for us, and it has the same light and sparkly feel as the entry. The only bits of color could be changed on a whim, which if you're like me, would be fairly often.

There's a breakfast area between this room and the kitchen.

This design by Alice Lane Home will fit nicely there.

Isn't this nice? Light, easy to walk around, and just simple and pretty, like our other spaces.

I had fun trying to find a way to bring this style upstairs. Here's one of the bedrooms:

I found this uncredited design on Pinterest that I thought fit the bill nicely. A little sparkle, a little soft color, and just simply restful. I'm curious if the wall treatment is paint or paper. I like how subtle it is.

In the comments for another post, Susan said that she'd like a magic wand to make some of these dream rooms come true. I certainly feel like we waved a magic wand with little bits of sparkle over this house.

Hopefully I'll be over my apparent craving for sugar and cinnamon by my next post, but you never know. Thanks for stopping by!

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