Honeysuckle Woods, Clover, South Carolina

If that sweet post title didn't give you a hint, we're in Clover, South Carolina again today, to look at this 1978 home that really is in the woods.

The living room has beautiful, large windows to take advantage of the view.

We'll center a lovely seating area around the fireplace, as McWilliam-Autore Interiors has done.

It looks like they pulled the colors directly from the woods outside. I like that mantel, too.  That would tie in nicely with our ceiling. 

The fireplace continues down to the lower level, so we can create a cozy seating area down there, as well.

This photo angle made me think of Stacy of Red Door Home's basement renovation, when it was featured in Better Homes and Gardens

I'd like to change the wall divider in the bar area to look like Stacy's shelves above.  Then, for the fireplace area, I took my cue from her former living room.

I would love to duplicate her fireplace surround, but I'll settle for some slipcovered chairs and her pretty accessories.

Returning back upstairs, let's see how we can tie the dining room into our scheme.

This room, on Lowe's site, shows how to add molding over wall mirrors, which is a nice look. The round dining set fits nicely in our space.

The master bedroom also has great french doors to the garden.

This bedroom by designer Suzanne Tucker just seems like it belongs at Honeysuckle Woods.  Again, the colors seemed pulled from the trees outside, and it's hard to go wrong if your designer is Mother Nature. (Anybody else thinking of that old Chiffon Margarine ad now?) Thanks for stopping by!

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