Luckey Point Road, Denver, North Carolina

Hello! See that house tucked in among the trees? It's beckoning for us to explore today, along Luckey Point Road in Denver, North Carolina. 

Check out the beautiful floors in the living and dining room:

The fireplace is a nice focal point for both areas.  Let's make it a little more focal-ish. (Funny, spell check doesn't mind "focal-ish".  Makes me wonder what else I can get away with.)

Let's make the fireplace really stand out by stenciling a slightly shimmery design around it. It's a little daring, but as you'll see, this will be the biggest design statement of the two spaces, and link them together.

Here's the inspiration for the living room half:

(Imagine that the ottoman lines up with our fireplace, for reference.) How about opening up our wall with the sliding door and window with these beautiful doors? Talk about bringing the outside in! 

I'd only change one thing- I'd bring in this Gallagher rug from Joss and Main.

It goes too well with our stencil not to use it, doesn't it?

Here's our inspiration for the dining half of the room, from House Beautiful.

All we need are the simple lines of this table, combined with the nailhead detail on the chairs to tie in with our living area. The beautiful runner is a nod once again to our stencil. 

Let's check out the kitchen.

I'm excited about this one, guys.  We're able to draw inspiration from one of the most popular kitchens in blogland. (Spell check frowns on "blogland".) 

This is designer Sally Wheat's popular and pretty kitchen. The gray paint would update our space in a snap, and look gorgeous adjacent to our other rooms. 

Last up, let's peek into one of the bedrooms.

The beautiful floors continue in here as well. Here's our inspiration for this room, from Country Living.

It's a beautiful, neutral space that references the colors and clean lines of our other rooms.

It'll be a fortunate person who gets to decorate this Luckey Point home, that's for sure. Thanks for exploring it with me!

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