Maple Tree Road, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

Happy Easter, friends! A perfect place to go today is this charming farmhouse on Maple Tree Road in  none other than Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

Let's do like the listing does and start in the laundry room for a change. We're old friends- you can come in the back door.

Looks like it could be nice and sunny in here. Let's just add a little more old-fashioned farmhouse appeal.

That sink is a cutie, and the beadboard certainly says farmhouse. 

Let's check out the kitchen.

It's nice and bright, too. Here's what we could add to it:

This is Yvonne's homey kitchen from Stone Gable blog. Aren't that sink and faucet awesome? Yvonne's pretty accessories are perfect for our farmhouse kitchen, too. Once again, we have the beadboard backsplash, to tie our rooms together.

Here at last is our front door, and our wonderful view of the fields.

We'll just add a few Country Living inspired touches.

Just picture the bench & boots under the window.  I've always liked those round jute rugs-- if only I had the place for it.  Sound familiar? Well, at least we can imaginary decorate with one.

The living room is a quiet space next to the foyer.

Here's a little inspiration served up from Pottery Barn.

I'd like to see this arrangement in front of the big window.  Those lamps look so pretty with the sunlight shining through them. Here's the other side of the room, with a matching sofa.

This room just seems like it needs a golden glow.  Maybe I'm inspired by the fields nearby.

Here is one of the bedrooms:

Hmm, what to do with that interesting deep windowsill?

Let's just make it a sweet and tiny nook, like architect Kevin Harris did.  The rest of the room could then look like this:

I really like this simple and pretty room for a girl of any age. 

This house just has a quiet feel, I think.  A peaceful retreat after a busy day on the farm. Hope you enjoyed our visit!

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