Seven Gables Lane, California, Maryland

Hello! Continuing our madcap April foolishness this week, we're off to a California that's on the east coast. Yep, it's California, Maryland today, and this cute Cape Cod from 1998.

Remember when I mentioned designer Lauren Liess? Well, her designs are so livable, that it didn't take me long to find a house that could be inspired by her work. This house in the woods was a natural fit.

Her work is very deliberate, noticing how each piece noticing relates to another. I admire how fresh and organic her designs always are- and those groovy chairs! Of course I'd appreciate those!

The dining room opens off the living room, so we'll tie them together with more inspiration from Lauren.

Nice that the previous homeowner left us the perfect curtain hardware in these rooms, huh? I love how this design takes the concept of a basic line or branch, and just keeps playing with it. Repeating a design motif adds such a finished touch to a room, when it's as well done as this is.

This house has 3 bedrooms, and they all basically look like this:

So, here are 3 bedrooms (unfortunately uncredited- if anyone knows them, please let me know) that continue our nature inspired look of downstairs.



 and #3

What's nice is that you could take elements from any of these and use them in any other bedroom, if you wanted. Kitty likes that idea- that bed in room #1 looks mighty cushy.

Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments-- I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading!

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