Lake Avenue, Spicer, Minnesota

Today let's sail off to Lake Avenue in Spicer, Minnesota and this cozy getaway house.

Nice, huh? You can see why this one caught my eye.

I'm guessing our inspiration came from a magazine, but I don't know the source. If anyone does, please share. Look how the chandelier has compass points! That's just nifty. 

Our kitchen is open to the main room, just like our inspiration photo, and I'd love to see it with white cabinets also. Those shelves in our living room don't look very deep, but I can picture them somewhat messy, piled with nature finds and old paperbacks, can't you?

Off of the main room is this room.

I suppose it would make it a nice office, but that seems a little boring. Country Living thinks we can do better than that.

Nice. I like the idea of a separate dining room that still is casual enough for lake living.

Downstairs has a nice walkout basement, with a kitchenette near the fireplace.

Here's our inspiration from Cottage Living Magazine.

I know this is actually a screened-in porch, but the mood and furniture are what I'm going for. It's all just light and breezy, easy to care for, and not overly decorated. 

At the other end of the room is a nice area by the stairs. I'm sure all of us decorating enthusiasts are like little kids about the possibilities for this space. "Ooh, ooh, I know, pick me!"

Sleeping nook?

Wine room?

Office/Craft nook?

Which would you choose? I like them all. There's lots to like about this house. Thanks for imagining along with me!

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