Wrangler Drive, Olympia, Washington

Hello and welcome to Wrangler Drive today, in Olympia, Washington.  This is a brand new home that's very much about straight lines, so we're going to throw some curves at it.

Here's the living room, with a lovely wooded view.

Here's our inspiration, from designer Kerry Joyce:

We threw in some curves, a triangle, and a tiny tabletop star. Sometimes I get so lucky with my searches-- Kerry left the windows untreated to feature the woodsy view, and we can do that too. By the way, how pretty is that mantel arrangement? 

The living room, kitchen, and dining room are all open to each other, so it's important that we have a good flow between them.  

First let's address the dining room.

This design is by Barbara Barry.  I really admire both designers' skill at interplaying shapes. It makes a neutral room so layered and interesting. (Now I'm thinking of that old Richard Scarry song about shapes. "If we look, then we can find lots of shapes of every kind.")

I had a hunch that Barbara Barry designed the items in this room, and sure enough, I found the Bowmont chandelier here. The rug is her design Tiara, available in other colorways here. The furniture is from her collection for Henredon

As for the kitchen, I was all primed to suggest remodeling or painting, but it's a brand new kitchen with "Beautiful easy close glazed beautiful maple kitchen cabinets with slab granite"  as the listing says. The maple  is dark enough to play nicely with our living and dining choices, and the pendant fixtures work well with the Bowmont chandelier. All I would suggest are these Camelia counter stools.

Whew, I'm ready to stop shopping and find somewhere to rest. 

This bedroom by Alice Lane Home looks pretty relaxing, doesn't it? That's a nice headboard for snuggling in with a good book.

Let's say that's the guest bedroom, and for the master, we'll add a little more oomph.

 There. I was wanting to add some curves and shapes back into the design, and once again Kerry Joyce squared away this room by rounding up some beautiful furniture. Look, he even borrowed the triangle chair from the living room. The wallpaper and spool bed are definitely calling my name.

This house shaped up pretty nicely.  It was fun to "wrangle" up some great design inspiration for it.
Thanks for reading!

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