3rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  Hello! Today's search for a horse ranch to decorate took me meandering through the country and I ended up at a spiffy six year old townhouse in Oklahoma City.  So, today we'll be city mice instead of country mice.

Nice black interior doors. Yep, definitely city mice here.

{Jennifer Brouwer Designs}

We need a small and stylish vignette like this to the right of the doors, but I think we also need to carry the black over to the stairs.  

This balances the weight of the doors and jazz the stairs up a little.  (I love you guys, but you'll have to pay me better if you want me to virtually paint 18 tiny stair risers.) 

The living room already has black window muntins. 

Our living room has a loft feel, so even though it doesn't have the tall windows of the inspiration photo,  I think we could mount a tan shade above the actual window, and band it with that stylish black fabric. In lieu of the fireplace, a white console table would do the trick.  What's your take on the giant pasta spoon sculptures by the window?

Just to the left is the dining area, with its black pendant light.


Yes, for continuity I probably should have reversed this image, but you guys get that this would be on the opposite wall from the living room wall.  Combination office/dining areas are really increasing in popularity, and this is such a nice example.

Moving on, the bathroom has a contemporary Ikea sink, but not much else.

I actually found two designs that I like equally for this space.  Do you feel like tiling an accent wall?

Or would you rather install grasscloth wallpaper and wainscoting?

Decisions, decisions.

Before I wrap things up, I have to mention Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick with this post, for these 2 reasons:

She converted her dining room to this pretty library, and painted black doors to great effect in her own home.  It's impossible not to be inspired by her!

Thanks for playing city mouse with me!

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