Franklin Flower Shop, Boise, Idaho

Hello! I thought we'd shift gears a little bit today and check out this nifty retail space in Boise, Idaho.
I think it is set up nicely to become a florist's shop on the lower level, with a gift shop/gallery above.

Here's our counter space, with inspiration from Sweetpea's neat shop in Roncesvalles, Toronto. 

Here's a nice display area:

Let's fill it up with a lovely, big cabinet showcasing our orchids,  just like the Eric Chauvin Flower Shop in Paris. 

Upstairs is more of a gallery space, so we could include giftware with a floral theme there.

This pretty display was featured in Country Homes and Interiors Magazine (UK). 

How about this for another display?

Of course, our florist needs an office.

 Just maybe not quite so office-y.

This charming photo was taken by Dan Duchars and seems like a much more creative space. 

There's lots of potential in this interesting 1925 building. What would you do if you had a space like this of your own?  Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: The building was remodeled in 2017. Is it the flower shop of my daydreams? Find out here.

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