Stanbery Avenue, Bexley, Ohio

Hello!  Today we're visiting Columbus, Ohio, and this beautiful stone home from 1922.

We'll start in this sunny living room:

We'll keep things pretty traditional in here, and throughout the house.

This design by Bunny Williams will work beautifully across from our fireplace.  It really sets the tone for the rest of the house, with its pretty mix of antiques.

 Look at this room that opens from the living room:

Not sure what to call this room- a library or den?  It's not a sunroom, as you'll see. I've decided to call it a drawing room, just because I haven't done one of those yet. 

I like the look of this, as shown in House Beautiful, for the area in front of the windows. 

Here are our sofas, imagine them perpendicular to the fireplace:

The bookcase arrangement works well for us, too.

Here now is the sunroom:

Let's fancy this up a bit, to go with our other rooms.

This design is from Lucy and Company, and I like how it brings in the bits of yellow and blue from the other rooms.  No shortage of comfy places to sit and visit in this house!

How about sitting and visiting over a meal?

This room reminded me of designer Betsy Speert's pretty blue dining room:

This also would continue the blue and yellow, while also bringing in a little of the red from the living room and drawing room.

Last up today is the kitchen. 

It appears to have a lot of its original design, so maybe we could just enhance it with a fabulous stove.

This was designed by Covenant Kitchens, and was shown in Dream Kitchens and Baths Magazine. (It's worth clicking through to their story, because a lot of their design elements would translate so nicely to this home.)

This home looks as though it has hosted some wonderful parties in its day, and is just waiting for its chance to send out another round of invitations.

Thanks for visiting it with me!

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