Nanagosa Trail, Suttons Bay, Michigan

Sail away with me today to Suttons Bay, Michigan, and this little jewel box of a house. Because this house has a lot of cute areas to decorate, this post is a little picture-heavy.  To balance that, I'll be a little less word-heavy.  :)

Some coastal style coming right up, courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

I really like the grounding shade of navy in the space. Here's the dining space on the other side of that fabulous wicker daybed.

Here's how we could decorate it:

This is by designer Lynn Morgan.  Imagine the kitchen pass-through is where the art print is. The navy pendant lamp is by Vaughan- a similar one is here.

Cute kitchen just needs a little color and personality.

Here's a dreamy office space. How could you work with that view distracting you?

I would only fill it with non-distracting bare essentials (which includes cute vases, of course), like this office by Folkhem.

Nice sunporch- wait, a green rug? 

Make it blue

Now for the bedroom:

This dreamy bedroom with navy accents and the same rug from the living room (!) is by Emily Summers.  I may be wrong, but my guess is this is Dash and Albert's Staffordshire Stripe rug.

Just look at this. A walk-in closet with windows.

Not sure if this furniture would fit, but I figured you wouldn't mind a gratuitous shot of a beautiful walk-in closet.

This little gem is by Kristin Peake Interiors.

I love the crispness a touch of navy brought to these rooms.  Did you enjoy our sojourn to Suttons Bay

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