Brandywine Lane, Melbourne, Florida

Hello readers, are you up for a trip to Melbourne today?  Melbourne, Florida this time, and this pretty, villa-inspired home.

Let's start in this nifty dining room:

Not sure how I feel about the 3 archways, but it does lend drama looking into the living room.  Anyway, this is how we could decorate it. 

Oh yes, I want those beautiful linen chairs that match those walls so nicely.  This is a room just meant for candlelit dinners.

You know that principle about how a smaller, darker room leading to a larger, brighter room gives both rooms a wow factor?  I tried to keep that in mind with the dining room connecting to the living room.

His book, The Finest Rooms in Americahere.

Aren't those walls gorgeous? Makes this room almost feel like a secret garden.  I really like the mirrors between the windows- they're unexpected, and they bring life to the room.

Let's move on to the family room:

Ok, so that's what we're starting with, but I want it to look more like this:

{Traditional Home}

So, I did a little imagining (and imaging) and came up with this:

My intent was mainly to make the fireplace and shelves look more cohesive without tearing it all down and starting over. 

As for the bedrooms, I realized that I hadn't featured a nursery yet, and had a hunch I could find a pretty blue/gray one.

Isn't that sweet?  I confess I don't like the trend nowadays for sophisticated nurseries- babies aren't sophisticated, after all. They're only little once, so have some fun with their rooms.  I'm glad this nursery has brought in some playful touches to offset the sophistication. 

Let's tiptoe out of that room and wrap up our visit to this stylish home.  Thanks for stopping by!

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