Poole-Bell Mansion, Laidley Street, San Francisco, California

I hope you are up for an adventure today, because we've wandered over 2,000 miles from our last stop in Fairhope, Alabama all the way to San Francisco, California.

We'll be looking at a one bedroom condo housed in the historic 1873 Poole-Bell Mansion.

{1928 photo from Found sf}

I've been itching to feature a certain design style, and this seems like the perfect canvas for it.  It's all about simple, flowing lines and shapes that look like they've been drawn by a calligrapher's pen.  Let's call it Calligraphy Style.

Come on in!

We can't see much of the foyer, but even if there isn't room for the cane settee, we can certainly add the lighting, dramatic floors, architectural prints, and hopefully, the enormous mirror.  

Let's pop into the kitchen:

Well, it's been re-done, but looks a little out of place for its setting.

Ideally I would replace the modern-styled cabinets, but this design lets us keep them and just distract with the pendants, stools, and all that wonderful, period appropriate marble.  (That ceiling doesn't hurt, either.) Tracery Interiors is a master of Calligraphy Style- no surprise, given their name!

Here is the living area, with a neat window alcove that I believe overlooks the street.

Since there's no dedicated dining room, let's dedicate the alcove to dining.

We wouldn't even need the window seat, much as you know I love them.  We just need that shapely table and chairs and that delicate chandelier.

Here's the living side of that space:

I really like the swoops and curves of this design, and all the calligraphic cross-hatches. Notice how the screen would hide our wall heater- bonus!

Next up, the bathroom:

Nice, but again, it doesn't really seem special enough. 

Just a little more attention to detail would make a big difference in our bathroom.

Finally, let's address the bedroom.

Ok, well first of all, let's address that closet.  "Closet, you're an embarrassment."

Now that's pretty.  So is the Barbara Barry Simple Scallop Pendant, and like Tracery Interiors, Barbara Barry is someone who springs to mind when you think about Calligraphy Style.

Remember that nook at the end of the room? That's where the bed will go, facing the windows.

I like everything for our space except the bench.  It's too rustic. And the lamps need to be these...

...because they look like calligraphy loops and like the foyer pendant.

As for the other side of the room:

Wouldn't that be great to have a chaise by the windows, and maybe those delicate tables could help camouflage our A/C unit while still allowing for airflow.  (For once I'm suggesting a design that considers function almost as much as form.  Aren't you proud of me?)

I think this will be a very sophisticated space much more suited to a historic mansion by the time we finish adding our calligraphic flourishes. 

I've added a new Pinterest board called, what else, Calligraphy Style, to corral all this inspiration before it runs off the page.  Hope you enjoy it!

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