Nettleton Avenue, Mansfield, Missouri

Hello, country mice, I've found us a roost, burrow, home at last.  This is country living in Mansfield, Missouri in a 1903 farmhouse.

What's a farmhouse without a big, comfy porch?  Let's just add a little more comfiness. 

Old wicker, more white rockers, and a fern in need of a haircut gives this porch a homey feel.

I like the bones of this old farmhouse.  Here is the living room:

Here is what we could bring to it, inspired by an aptly named source:


Love that tan/gray/greige wall color and how it blends nicely with the white slipcovers.

The kitchen already feels appropriate to a farmhouse.

The floor tile is a cute color- I'd be interested to see what kind of condition it's in. For now, I just want to change the sink area a little bit, again from a reliable source:


Very charming.  The Mason jars would even pick up the color of the tile floor. 

On to the bedrooms, with great views of the great outdoors:


 and #2

Our farmhouse bedrooms would be all set with these old fashioned beds, simple white bedding, pretty quilts, and storage baskets.  I like the look of white painted floors, but I'm not brave enough to try them in my house.  How do you feel about them?

This house looks like a happy home for anyone seeking a country retreat. Thanks for reading!

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