4th Street, Independence, Kansas

Hello and Happy 4th of July!  Today we're celebrating appropriately enough in Independence, Kansas. For you Little House on the Prairie fans, this house is 14 miles northeast of the museum site. It was built in 1910, about 40 years after the Ingalls were in the area.

Let's start our tour in the family room:

If it were mine...

{Midwest Living}

Well, you didn't expect me to pick an elegant, neutral design, did you?  Nope, today is all about summer fun, and this design has that in spades. You can't help but feel welcome in this room!

Here's the dining room, with its nice built-in cabinet:

I know, the trend toward red dining rooms has cooled a bit, but look how cute this room is.  (Wouldn't it be pretty at Christmas?) The white wainscoting and armoire really keep the look crisp and bright. 

This next room is what drew me to this house-- it looks like a homeschooler's space with old-fashioned appeal.

Adding a desk and shelving like this would make a happy space for homeschoolers or for crafters.

Before we head upstairs, we can stop to admire the built-in bench in the entry.

I played around a bit and came up with this design to set the right tone as soon you come in the door.

Once upstairs, we'll find this cozy, tucked away bedroom:

{Nick Olsen- with the bed pillow color muted}

Those wide curtains will help us disguise the fact that the window is off-center on our wall.  Notice how each room has had a touch of black?  I like how it keeps the designs from being too theme-y- you know, like this:

Although, I do have to admit this design is executed well.  All in all, let's settle for just keeping the shutters red on our Independence re-do.

Wishing all of you a wonderful 4th!  

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