Caroline Street, Creemore, Ontario, Canada

Hi friends!  I found a little farmhouse in Creemore, Ontario, Canada that's been updated recently, but has kind of lost its way a little.  Let's see if we can bring a little freshness back to the farm.

If it were mine...

{Marianne Cusato}

There we go.  Cute and country fresh.

On to the kitchen. First, I have to change that green paint.  I'm a big fan of green, but that particular paint color is EVERYWHERE in this house, as you'll see.  

Let's try a softer gray/green on some custom cabinetry, and a very cool table-turned-island.

I actually think the dining space is pretty cleverly designed:

This design, however, gives it a little more farmhouse flavor and personality.

As for the bedrooms, Harry Potter might be familiar with a bedroom of this size:

Had to change the bed's top blanket, at the very least.  Your toes would get tangled in the woven blanket they had.  I think this design looks a little friendlier, to boot.

I just checked and saw that this house has already sold.  Wonder if the new owners will keep the ubiquitous green paint or if they're feeling a little farmhouse freshness is in order, too?

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