Highway 213, Hattieville, Arkansas

Some day I think I need to open a shop and call it "Beams and Linen".  I had to think of a search term besides "Rough Luxe" to describe the style that's so popular now, that's a little rustic and industrial and all about texture.  (Maybe Magnolia Homes/Fixer Upper style?)  Anyway, Pinterest seems to like "beams and linen".

We're going from the sweet florals of the last post to find beams and linen in this manufactured home in Hattieville, Arkansas.

You'll see why I have beams on the brain here in the kitchen:

{photo by Laurey W. Glenn}

Across from the kitchen are two bookcases flanking an office space.

I'd like to see them painted black or gray with simple accessories.

{Joanna Gaines- let's hear it for Fixer Upper Style!}

The iron and metal pieces are a nice connection to the kitchen light fixture and accessories. 

As for the office itself...

I know, that's really a kitchen, but look at the stools and that accordion mounted light!  (Lamps Plus has a similar light, here.) They're real eye-catchers, and I love the idea of mounting cabinets and a table like that in the office.

Here we go with some beams, linen, and iron accessories in the family room:

We can't forget the living room either (to the left in the picture below).  

Still beams and linen, just a little more dressed up for the house's first impression.

Imagine that the front door is where that curtain panel is.  (Yes, we'd move that chaise.)

Finally, let's check out one of the bedrooms.

How about a little inspiration from someone who is certainly familiar with beams and linen?

Pretty and tranquil, like everything Brooke designs, and the perfect spot to wrap up this post.

If all this has given you a hankerin' for Hattieville, here is the listing. As for me,  I'll be happily pinning these rooms to my beam-friendly board, here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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