Summer Street, Springfield, Vermont

Today's home feels like an old-fashioned summer retreat on the aptly named Summer Street in Springfield, Vermont.  It's an 1840 home with lots of spaces for you to curl up with a breezy novel. (Also, for those of you who care, and I hope there aren't many, this makes #10 on my Springfield challenge.)

Let's start it off our visit with a wow.

If it were mine...

I don't know about you, but I feel like I could just end this post here and be satisfied!  

Ok, maybe not.  I'm pretty partial towards this living room design, too.

This, I like.  It's funny how we're basically reversing the original blue and white placement on the walls and trim, but it would really lighten the feel of the room.

Next, the dining room:

I know, this is a little brighter blue and more Swedish Country than our previous inspiration, but I think that this is prettily appropriate enough that you'll let me get away with it.  That chandelier alone should sway you.   (Plus, you know, there's a window seat and all...)

This house has more than one window seat!  Welcome to the library:

{Luxury Home Magazine}

Again, I would tweak this final design a little, with smaller, comfier chairs and a larger, bluer rug.
I was just so pleased with myself for finding this image in the first place- what are the odds of finding a paneled room with a spiral staircase similarly adjacent to a window seat, after all?

Want to see where this sort-of-secretive spiral staircase goes?  Of course you do.

It leads to yet another beautiful spot to curl up with your book, of course.

While we're upstairs, let's check out one of the bedrooms.

Finally, I just had to show you the sweet kitchen of this home.

I like that it hasn't been remodeled to become too contemporary for this house.  I would try to keep that cozy, old-fashioned feel and just polish it a little, like this:

{New England Home}

Lots of possibilities for this pretty retreat on Summer Street.  How fun would it be to curl up in that oval sunroom with some decorating daydreams?  

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