Blois Villa House, Loire Valley, France

In 1993 I vacationed in France with some friends- one of whom became my husband two years later.  Wonder if all that beautiful and romantic scenery had anything to do with it?

One of our many unforgettable destinations was the Chateau de Blois in the Loire Valley.  

"Residence of 7 kings and 10 queens of France, the Royal Chateau of Blois is a site reminiscent of the power and daily life at court in the Renaissance...."


Near there I found a listing for the pretty villa pictured at the top, which was built in 1900.
Here is the living room, with beautiful parquet floors:

This room can handle the drama of eggplant-colored lacquered walls. Can you picture how pretty it would be by candlelight?

{Better Homes and Gardens}

 I clapped when I found this image- I like how well it goes with the rest of the living area. Off the kitchen is a catchall/office space that could use a little of the candlelit drama.

I think I'd paint the walls a duskier green, and add a Persian rug in purples and reds, and it would be all set for a romantic petit déjeuner pour deux. 

Here is one of the bedrooms.  I bet that armoire is telling us about the state of the closets, or lack thereof....

{Country Living}

Fortunately, a well-styled armoire and an iron bed and quilt go a long way for making up what a room may lack.

Here is another charming bedroom:

What this room lacks in matching-ness to our room, it compensates with cozy villa authenticity.

We also have this bonus space at the top of the house:

{Jacques Grange}

How fun would it be to turn it into a wonderfully rustic bathroom under the eaves? This would be a great complement to the bedroom space above.

I like to end on a garden note, and this one has nice potential:

How could we pass up the chance to add a beautiful dining space along that row of trees?

This property typifies some of the beauty to be found in and around Blois. No wonder I'm still daydreaming about it, 21 years later!

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