27th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska

Before we get started today,  I want to send a little thank you to my new friends in Springfield, Vermont.  They shared a link to my Summer Street, Springfield post on their town website, which I certainly appreciate.

Today we're going from Alaska to Nebraska, (hmm, that makes me want to browse Itasca...)
and this 1965 Colonial style home in Lincoln.

Yep, see, it's pretty Colonial.  However, it has a nice color scheme of blue/gray and red already in place for those of us who would rather arrange furniture than pick up a paintbrush.

Instead of decorating in a very Colonial period style, though, I'm suggesting something like this:

Well, most of it, anyway...

As for the blank wall next to the fireplace, how about this vignette, from the same inspiration room?

{TerraCotta Properties}

While we're at it, let's address the other side of the room, again with the same inspiration room:

{TerraCotta Properties}

TerraCotta Properties has earned a gold star in my book for showing all the different elevations of the same room.  I love that-- I'm always curious about the other side of a beautiful room shown in a magazine photo.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one....)

On to the dining room, where the shelving will come down...

and beautiful landscape paintings will go up:

The kitchen already has the coolest red stove, but it looks a little lonesome.

I'm not suggesting painting the cabinets white, I merely like the red stools and that blue cabinet, to keep our color scheme rocking.  I'd also add Oriental rug runners in those colors to soften our brick floors.

One last room downstairs before we check out the bedrooms:

That valance and blind combination just belongs in our house.  (Schuyler Samperton also had a lovely living room design that would work nicely for us-- if you want, check it out on my Color Me Happy Pinterest board.)

Ok, upstairs we go:

{Better Homes and Gardens}

This bedroom is a touch more nautical than Colonial, but I loved the wallpaper, mirror, and spool beds for our space.

Here's a second representative of the 5 total bedrooms:

Isn't this a sweet bedroom?  I actually attempted to decorate my younger daughter's room in a similar way and color scheme when she was little. So cute!

Remember that fabulous birdhouse that was a smaller version of the main house on Hopeton Road?
This house has a playhouse to match its main house.  Wouldn't this be fun to decorate?

Thanks for touring and daydreaming with me!

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