Sunset Ridge Place, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hello!  Looking around the country for destinations today,  I thought we'd make our first stop in New Mexico.  This house in Albuquerque just lends itself to a beautiful Waterlogue image, doesn't it?  The   inside of this 1997 home doesn't disappoint either.

The home is open concept, with the dining room to the left of the entrance.

{Wiseman and Gale}

This image made me realize I have not featured enough red in my blog posts, nor enough block-printed fabrics.  This house has given me the fun task of correcting that oversight.  

But first, check out this gorgeous chandelier I found along the way:

Wouldn't it be pretty in our dining room?  Los Poblanos, by the way, is a historic inn and organic farm in Albuquerque that definitely looks worth a visit. 

In the meantime, though, we've more decorating to do!  On to the living room!

{Wiseman and Gale}

Yes, sharp-eyed readers, this is the living room adjoining our inspiration dining room.  It seems a natural fit for our living room as well.  Did you also notice the turned column is similar to the one in our dining room? (Scroll up if you don't believe me.)  I think I deserve a cookie for that.

This house also features a large breakfast room. 

{Joan Osofsky and Dana Simpson}

You know my thing for chairs, and the fact that these were red and have such great fabric on them makes them a stand-out for our space.  That table is pretty fabulous, also.

Upstairs I didn't bring as much red...

...but those beds with their artwork headboards make enough of a wow statement in this bedroom.

The master bedroom features a nice corner kiva fireplace.

{source unknown}

The bed facing the fireplace should be just as nice, with a great mix of linens in the room.

Finally, I think a key selling point for this home is this balcony with incredible views. 

{Better Homes and Gardens}

More red chairs, pretty fabrics, and a wonderful napping spot should sell just about anyone on this home, if its great location didn't do it first, that is.

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