Cloverdale Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Today's home is a 1924 cottage near Culver City's art district in Los Angeles.  

Come on in to the sunny living room:

Obviously we'd have to be mindful of scale, but I thought this arrangement and color scheme would perk up the place:

{Better Homes and Gardens}

Yep, our fireplace would have to be painted white, but I think it could stand to be softened a little.

The dining room has a sweet built-in cabinet and the floors appear to be in good shape:

How about painting our cabinet to give it a little personality, and adding some simple style and charm?  Oops, just noticed the pumpkin in the inspiration photo.  Time to put that away!

The kitchen appears to have been updated fairly recently:

{Tobi Fairley}

This kitchen looks a little color-shy for a Tobi Fairley design, but its on-trend chrome drawer pulls are just what our kitchen needs.

Here is the first bedroom:

{Better Homes and Gardens}

This simple design would work well for us.  I think guests would be quite comfortable here.

The master bedroom has french doors to the backyard:

{Ina Garten via House Beautiful}

Again, a simple and comfortable design for a simple and comfortable cottage.

Now with this post, I've held off decorating for Christmas as long as I can.  There are too many cities with holiday names for me to restrain myself any longer.  Stay tuned for some mistletoe and holly around these parts, soon!

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