Because It is Mine -- Office Spaces with WeWork

Remember my post where I mentioned my current view (above)?  I was recently contacted by WeWork, a co-working company that provides creative office spaces and services.  They asked me what I would add to my workspace to make it my dream environment. 

Well, that's easy to answer.  I look at beautiful inspiration photos all the time!  Here's my workspace- my dining room table.  It's simple and sunny and the hub of my home (yes, I get interrupted a lot).

What would I change?  First, I'd add beautiful curtains, like Alison's.

I'd also add beautiful antiques and gosh, those chairs!  Then I'd arrange my hutch more like this:

{The Cottage Journal}

Yes, I think I need some fresh flowers, and those chairs are pretty spiffy, too, aren't they?

As for the other side of the room:

This next picture isn't as perfect for my room, but I do like the paneled effect around the sconces:

{Brockschmidt & Coleman}

Would you believe those are yoga mats trimmed with molding?  It's true and it's awesome.

Here's one last inspiration picture that captures the feel I want for my room:

{Austin Patterson Disston}

I also love the way this hutch is styled.  I'll have to interrupt myself now and go rearrange mine.

Obviously I'm more inspired in my workspace if I think it's pretty than I am by ergonomics. Here's some people that clearly feel the same way:

{source unknown}

{Mark D. Sikes}

Their table even looks like mine!



Working with velvet-- I approve.


The simple furniture here looks great with that tin tile wall.

It's interesting to think about what elements make you feel the most creative, comfortable, and productive. A good thing to consider at the start of a new year!  

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