Mitchell Street, Tucson, Arizona

Hello friends!  Did you miss me?  Let's get the new year off to a sunny start with this 1950 contemporary ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

Before we go inside, let's find a little inspiration for the courtyard's blank slate. It currently makes xeriscape look like no-iscape. 

Aah, that's better.

The living room is already pretty attractive, with its beamed ceiling, saltillo tile floors, and large window:

I think this Michael Smith design for a house in Malibu would translate quite nicely to our space. 

Next up is the dining room. Again, there's some nice beams and built-ins, and an interesting floor. [I'm guessing the chandelier is a replacement for one the prior owners liked better and took with them? If not...]

{Reese Witherspoon's house/Elle Decor}

Bear with me, here. I know we're looking the wrong way in this picture (and I'm assuming there are nice windows on the other side of the dining room), but I really like how this design fits with the beams and floor, and also ties into the living room inspiration. 

The kitchen is currently very homey, with beams, talavera tiles and a parquet floor, but it doesn't play up those features enough:

{Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady}

I think just painting the walls and the cabinets would make a huge impact in our space, and of course I wouldn't say no that gorgeous island, either.

The laundry room is currently a disappointment...

...but with new, fresh choices, it could be made to sparkle, like blogger Jennifer Flores', above.

Switching back to disappointment, the bedrooms require a leap of faith to make them as architecturally interesting as the main rooms of the house:

{Michael Venera Photography}

I think this design would allow us to keep that polished concrete floor, while the wainscoting and sliding door would add some much needed interest.

Here's more inspiration that looks like it could be from the same room:

If you were on the same wavelength with me on that bedroom, then hopefully you'll make the leap along with me on this one:

{source unknown}

This calls to mind the relief from the xeriscape of the first photos, doesn't it?

This house of great potential can be found here, and now that I can't be found here...

... I can be found here once again, but that's a subject for another post!

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