Glines Avenue, Santa Maria, California

I sometimes feel like Zillow and I are playing a game.  I found this house on the market last week, with all of its listing photos. Today I checked and saw that it had sold last August and they had taken the listing down.

So, quick, let's look at this quiet 1960 cottage in Santa Maria, California while we've got the chance.

The living room has a charming bump-out section perfect for another seating area. 

With a little tweaking of the furniture placement, I think this California-fresh design is great inspiration. Let's hear it for ticking and stripes!

The kitchen looks like it could use some updating, but it's giving us a good design direction.

You can never go wrong with a farmhouse sink, and did you notice the stripes?

The breakfast nook provides a handy space to tuck a round table arrangement.

{Ralph Lauren}

Pardon the girly picture.  Feel free to substitute a sailboat painting instead.

Now, for the bedrooms, which are complete blank slates:

More ticking and stripes done in Layla Palmer's always fresh and inspiring style.

This next image isn't Layla's, but is such a complimentary design, I figured it could show us a good bedside option.

{source unknown}

Here's another bedroom, which again is about as blank slate-ish as they come:

Let's serve up some more ticking, stripes, and a general happy attitude for this room.

And there we have it.  A little California dreaming while your skies might be gray.  

On a side note, this makes my 100th post, and also marks my 1 year blogging anniversary. Thanks to all of you wonderful readers for making it fun to share my ideas with you!

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