County Road G Antiques Barn, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

Welcome back to Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, the place to be on this Easter Sunday.  The Easter bunny has left us quite a treat today, in the form of this popular gallery and events barn.  The property also includes a house built in 1890.  Let's take a little stroll and imagine the possibilities.

The barn is picturesque, but isn't exactly weather-tight, as you'll see:

With a new landscape plan and some paint and structural work, the barn could resemble this:

{Judith Racht via This Old House}

There currently is a section of the barn devoted for events:

Let's make those events a little more eventful, like this:


Or maybe like this:


Now let's have some fun with the antique gallery, and change this utilitarian farm display: a more romanticized version of farm life:

Here's another gallery before shot:

...and an Easter-apropos, just plain pretty after idea:

This courtyard area between the house and barn is already pretty charming:

...but a little more store merchandising might not hurt:

{The Gardening Cook}

I know you're as curious as I am to take a peek at the house:

Worth it, huh?

And simply because this is one of my favorite parts of any post, here is its Waterlogue version:

Have a wonderful week, friends!

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