Pershing Blvd, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Ignore that white stuff on the ground in the waterlogue photo.  It's spring, and we're celebrating it on the inside of this 1930 pretty Pershing Blvd stone house in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  

They were off to a good start with a rosy glow in the foyer:

Let's just give it a little more panache:

{source unknown}

Panache with paneling, pretty pink, and a perky pup.

I believe the kitchen can be called "unfitted":

I think a more streamlined look is in order:

{Davenport Building Solutions}

That includes enclosing the refrigerator, and if it's a springtime yellow refrigerator, all the better:

I like that our inspiration kitchen includes a pantry, because our house does too:

With glass jars and white shelves, our pantry could be pretty pleasant.

Not gonna lie, the living room could use a little refreshing:

You guessed it, white paint to the rescue.

{Annie Werden/Jenkins Baer Associates}

White paint and more of our springtime palette, that is.

The bedrooms' existing finishes will be easier to work with:

{Sara Gilbane}

{Crystal Palecek}

They just need fresh white and some fancy blossoms.  

A palette of fresh peaches, yellows, and pinks guarantees springtime freshness, and would perk up Pershing in no time.

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