Sessions Drive, Bexley, Ohio

If you're thinking the image above looks like a fairy tale house, you're right- it does.  So much so that I'm going to break protocol and show you the actual house:

Yep, still a fairy tale.  This is a 1954 charmer from Bexley, Ohio.  Let's hurry and get inside before the magic fades.

This sweet living room just needs some pretty antiques and a polished palette:

This pretty and polished space will give us cues for the rest of the house.

The living room opens onto the dining room:

I took further inspiration from Loi and wanted to find rooms with beautiful fixtures that you might find in his shop.

{Marshall Watson}

The chairs here reminded me of the living room chair and pillow, and the beautiful chandelier and mirror definitely have a little magic to them.

Here's another view of the room:

...Now complete with a one-of-a-kind painted chest or commode:

{Marshall Watson}

What fairy tale house would be complete without a library and doors to a garden?

We'll just add some more well-chosen pieces and our living room colors here:

The master bedroom needs a little of that same magic:

{source unknown}

This lovely vaulted bedroom is definitely fit for a princess:

Let's just make it more magical:

This bedroom already features a lantern pendant plucked from a story illustration...

...that I think would illuminate this dream of a dollhouse in true fairy-tale fashion:

Finally, I can think of only one thing this perfectly landscaped back yard needs to make it fairy tale perfect:

A guest cottage like this for me to stay in!

{source unknown}

All in all, this house is definitely one to inspire sweet dreams.

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