Zooey Deschanel's House, Manhattan Beach, California

Hello! Once again I have been inspired by a visit to one of my favorite blogs, Hooked on Houses. Julia featured the  new home of actress Zooey Deschanel in Manhattan Beach, California.

Zooey's house choice appears puzzling, simply because her former 1930s Hollywood Hills home (also featured by Julia) was cute and quirky, and today's house is builder basic (but apparently closer to her studio in Culver City). Let's see what the New Girl could do with this New House.

For reference and a little inspiration, this is Zooey in her music studio:

Below is her new living room:

Definitely needs personality, right?

{Lindsey Coral Harper}

This design seems just the personality ticket for the space. It has touches of navy, which Zooey appears to favor.  It's fresh and sophisticated, but also youthful, which seems appropriate as Zooey is starting a family.

The living room is open to the kitchen and breakfast area:

How about a cozy space with a hint of quirky for the breakfast nook, and...

{source unknown; I changed barstool colors}

...some of that brought over to the kitchen as well.  3 different, yet similar, pendant lights. Quirky...but not too quirky.

The kitchen also includes a little wine storage nook:

I've got just the thing:

It's pretty, fresh, and sophisticated, but Zooey doesn't seem like a gray sort of gal. How about New Providence Navy (Benjamin Moore)?

I like that it picks up the butterfly wallpaper colors and plays well with the brass pendants. It's my favorite option, but I think Old Navy (Benjamin Moore) goes better in the overall scheme:  

Which color would you pick?  Bonus points if you noticed the theater box candy all ready for any screenings Zooey might hold at home.

Moving on, we find a dining room at the front of the house:

The trend of shifting away from designated dining rooms would seem to be trend Zooey would embrace:

...Especially if the trend included some crisp navy and colors from the curtains and wallpaper already chosen.  (The bookcase would also keep her from missing her old kitchen cabinetry). The chairs would help her keep an eye on her kids. 

I'm enjoying finding all these fun wallpaper prints.  I'm sure we can find something for the guest bath:

{Claire Thomas/Domaine}

Yep, that'll do nicely.  Oh, and for the laundry room...

 ...I didn't find the wallpaper, but I did find the perfect appliances.

Upstairs is the master bedroom, one of 6 in this house:

Echo, echo....

Robin's design would definitely cozy up Zooey's room with furniture, and especially color, pattern, and texture.

I love the internet. Not only did it help me identify the inn bedroom designer as Robin Gannon, but it sent me on a fun path to a This Old House episode featuring a tour of the Inn. (8 minutes into the episode.) Robin is the designer for their current show house. Nothing like binge-watching episodes of This Old House.

Back to this new house:

The internet also tells me that Zooey is pretty fashion forward.

Remember her Cotton commercial?  Apparently that was her actual closet. As for her new one, how about this?

Finally, the listing doesn't show any of the other bedrooms, but I can't deny us the fun of imagining Zooey's new nursery, can I?

For some reason, Zooey seems like a bird and butterfly girl to me. Even if her decorating takes another flight of fancy, I'm pretty sure her new digs will end up anything but builder basic.

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