Cass Street, Schoolcraft, Michigan

Here is a house to delight both history buffs and design fans.  Located on Cass St. in Schoolcraft, Michigan, it was built in 1867 for Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Thomas.  This was their second home.  Their first home, also on Cass St., served as a station on the Underground Railroad and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Dr. Thomas {via}

As for Schoolcraft?  It was named for geographer and geologist Henry Schoolcraft.

Fun to dig a little deeper when you find a house like this one with an ordinary listingThe listing appears ordinary because this house definitely isn't a museum, but a modern family home.

Looking into the living room, you'll see what I mean:

I decided to embrace that feeling, with a similar but more cohesive design:

{Lydia Marks & Lisa Frantz}

The dining room is also contemporary, but currently feels like a teacher's lounge:

I took my cues from the living room and made this room suitable for after hours:

{Katie Rosenfeld}

The kitchen is unfitted, and definitely has charm.  I'll give it an A-.

It just needs a more cohesive feel, and borrowing this color palette and copper pans would be a good start.


The guest bathroom is currently a blank, albeit minty green, slate:

I know that some of you would decorate around those fixtures, but I'd turn a bit more contemporary, but still classic:

{Gail Plechaty}

The house has 5 bedrooms, and they're all quirky and pretty, like this one:

But maybe one of them could be more classic and pretty, like this:

Did you notice that the house has a cupola?  You can see it better here:


To get to the cupola, you climb these storybook stairs:

and emerge here, into a space full of history... the signatures reveal:

Today's lesson?  History + modern design = a truly unforgettable house.


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