Bittersweet Lane, Stamford, Connecticut

This week I was on my way to give you a Halloween inspired post.  However, my virtual stroll down Halloween Blvd. in Stamford, Connecticut led me to Bittersweet Lane instead.  Since Bittersweet is is at its prettiest in the fall, I figured you wouldn't mind a bit.

Stamford is 30 minutes outside of Manhattan, and so became a haven for summer homes in the late 19th century.  This home has the charm of those older homes,  yet it was built in 1970.

I think you'll agree, though, that it has elements that are timeless.

Since I mentioned Halloween and bittersweet, I've got you primed for orange and red, haven't I? Well no, how about a little chinoiserie style instead?

{Katie Rosenfeld- I changed her color scheme to better fit ours.}

Why chinoiserie?  I was already intrigued by the house when I spotted the dining room chandelier:

The room has a good start toward being fabulous, but how fun is it to turn it up a notch?

{Martyn Lawrence Bullard}

Or maybe like this?

{Better Homes & Gardens}

Personally, I'd nix the wing chairs.  By the way, I wonder what Martyn Lawrence Bullard would think of his design being in the running with one from Better Homes and Gardens?

The family room is already pretty large and cozy:

No, the dog isn't real, but I suppose he'd help potential buyers visualize their own dog in the space.

But in keeping with our theme, let's visualize a dog here instead:

{Rob Southern}

Wouldn't it also be striking with collections of blue & white porcelain on those chests?

Upstairs, the master bedroom might coordinate well with a bittersweet color scheme, if we had gone that route:

Since I said chinoiserie, though, I better stick to it:

{Rob Southern}

That's Fortuny fabric on the bed and loveseat.  Sticking to a theme doesn't mean you have to sacrifice.

Meanwhile, let's turn our attention to the 5th bedroom, currently used as a den.  Bonus points if you can tell me what that swivel-arm thing in the left foreground is.

I'm imagining a somewhat younger crowd using this space instead.  Visualize a dog with bunny ears this time.

{source unknown}

Also upstairs is this enclosed porch with a view of a pond:

It's a pretty nifty space already, but I couldn't pass up the chance to make it niftier:

{via The Pink Pagoda}

Just imagine the upholstery in blue and white, although the green and white gets a thumbs up from me too.

Here is the pond, just so you get the full picture:

Happy Halloween!

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