Snell Road, Geneva, New York

Today let's visit a place that I imagine looks particularly pretty in the fall.  Snell Road is a 1910 retreat on 7 acres in Geneva, New York. Geneva, "the lake trout capital of the world," is also known for winemaking.  It is adjacent to Seneca Lake, the largest of the Finger Lakes.

For a sense of place, this is one of its neighbors, a mile and a half away:

So let's drive through the stone entry walls...

...past the 7,000 square feet barn...

...and arrive here:

Which really needs to look more like here:

{Barnes Vanze Architects via Hooked on Houses}

Brick floors are trendy right now, but one that beautiful would look original to the house. From there, let's check out the living room:

It's already pretty, but let's give it a little rural retreat show-stopperness.  (Yes, that's a thing.)

{Brian J. McCarthy}

We wouldn't even have to add the paneling-- I'd be happy with those lush fireside chairs.

Not just one set of fireside chairs, however.  We'll need some for the library:

The plaid chair is close, but I want something that really makes a statement:

{Tom Scheerer}

Now that's a rural retreat library.  As for this bright and pretty dining room...

It reads just a tad too traditional to me.  I want it to feel more like our other rooms.

{Suzanne Rheinstein}

I'd also like to treat the sunroom, below, to a similar feel.

It's a great room with a lot of possibilities. 

{Kit Kemp}

Now the sunroom feels similar to our dining room, just a little more playful.

Because I had so much fun finding images with beautiful rural retreat fabrics,  I especially enjoyed the bedrooms' potential. (3 out of the 5 are shown in the listing.)

This first bedroom is my favorite:

Wait, we can make it even better.

{Suzanne Rheinstein}

Now it's another room that looks original to the house (and over-the-top pretty to boot!)

This bedroom already has some of that feminine prettiness:

I knew I could find a designer to layer in even more fabric and retreat appeal, though:

{Bunny Williams}

Bunny Williams knows a thing or two about grand old country house charm.

Our last bedroom in need of retreat-iness is this one:

Can we find another pretty bedroom in a palette that reflects the rest of the house and still feels original to our country house?

{Markham Roberts}

Yes, of course we can- don't you love it?

Whether you find trout fishing or wine tasting more relaxing, nothing beats a  retreat like this one to cap off your day just right.

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