Norfield Road, Weston, Connecticut

Still enjoying the beautiful fall colors of Connecticut, let's wander Northeast to Weston.

If you're interested in Weston's history, the town sign is packed with it:

If you're not a history buff, in a nutshell it could read:
Lots of growing, burning and exploding
Beautiful houses

Today's beautiful house on Norfield Road was built in 1830, and features 7 fireplaces.

The exterior is simple and welcoming:

All that you might want to add is a pretty seasonal display:

The simple exterior belies the rather grand interiors.  A nice surprise, isn't it?

Again, the beautiful architecture doesn't need improved, but maybe enhanced a little:

{Old House Online}

Just a little bit of color to bring in a little more personality.  The entry chandelier and sconces lining the hallway are a nice touch, if this old house is up for it.

The living room also has beautiful moldings, and seems eager to be a gorgeous yet comfortable room.

I think it might happily cozy up with this design:

{Circa Interiors}

Since there is no shortage of pretty rooms with fireplaces, let's call this one the library:

We could use the existing wall color and just let our inner stylist go nuts:

{Designer Beth Webb, architect Peter Block}

Pretty room with fireplace #3 is up for grabs as the dining room:

Don't get distracted by the more colonial features. Focus on the perfect table, chairs, and rug:

{Cathy Kincaid}

Not one to disappoint, the kitchen also has a fireplace:  (And wonderful floors!  Have you noticed the floors yet?)

I think it also needs the perfect table and chairs (but not the painted floors this time):

The upstairs landing doesn't feature a fireplace...

...but it doesn't need to, because it could feature this lovely vignette instead:

{Circa Interiors}

Upstairs there are 5 bedrooms, and of course we see one with a fireplace:

We just need a fantastic bed from which to admire it:

{Designer Beth Webb, architect Peter Block}

As for this bedroom:

 I think it wants a fantastic bed, too:

{Circa Interiors}

I like how this house combines a picture-perfect Connecticut farmhouse exterior with a wonderfully spacious and gracious interior.  It doesn't get much better than that.

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